The Cheating Debt Podcast

The Best Way To Buy A Car

April 26, 2020 Brent and Sheala Season 1 Episode 4
The Cheating Debt Podcast
The Best Way To Buy A Car
Show Notes

Your goal is to save money, to keep money, your goal is to Cheat Debt!

Before heading straight to the dealership, there are a couple of things you need to do...

  1. Get pre-approved. 
  2. Check out TrueCar
  3. Once you find the car you want to buy. Do a quick search for that car on the dealership's website. Online prices are sometimes cheaper than the sticker price. 
  4.  Negotiate the overall price of the car. Don't answer how much you are willing to pay monthly, instead focus on the total amount of the car. (remember you want to pay less than the car is worth)
  5. Check out Bankrate this website can help you figure out what your payment would be with different interest rates.

Now that you are a New Car Owner. Check out Root Car Insurance to see how you could save money on car insurance.

How? Well, Root gives you a rate based primarily on how you drive. Changing insurance providers could help you save money monthly. Root could save you up to 52% on car insurance.